Full OLDI implementation in COOPANS underway

Short content:
'Full OLDI' (Online Data Interchange; a protocol for co-ordination and transfer of current flight data between adjacent air traffic control units) has already been introduced between Austrocontrol & Croatia Control in spring 2023. 
Long content:

It's planned to be introduced between the LFV Area Control Centres in Autumn 2023 and between LFV & Naviair in Winter 2023/2024.

'Full OLDI' enhances inter-ACC automation and interoperability, reduces verbal coordination between air traffic controllers and facilitates more traffic to be handled and user preferred routing. Whilst having OLDI implemented in COOPANS ANSPs for many years, “Full OLDI” is now utilizing the full OLDI message set.

Full OLDI is an important stepping stone towards Trajectory Based Operations, where the planned trajectory is subject to a Collaborate Decision Making process involving all impacted stakeholders. In implementing Full OLDI, COOPANS members enable this process to take place among the involved air traffic control units, in the strategic and tactical horizons of the flight execution phase. What remains to be achieved from there on is the inclusion of the airspace user and the flow management entity by means of the technical provisions emerging from EC implementing regulation CP1 (ATM functionalities: AF5 and AF6) or DSD (ATC-TBO project), and subsequently agreeing and formalizing the roles and responsibilities of each party in a jointly produced Concept of Operations. While Flight and Flow - Information for a Collaborative Environment - FF-ICE Release 2 is being finalized and Release 3 discussed at ICAO level, it is of crucial importance to ensure that the evolution of the concept at ICAO takes into account the wealth of operational experience and expertise developed by COOPANS and thus giving this emerging paradigm a foundation in the real world, day to day operations.

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