COOPANS is a highly stable ATM system using leading edge technology. COOPANS has now implemented the same software build at all 7 Area Control Centres (ACC), across 5 ANSP members.

COOPANS adopts a ‘System Life-cycle’ approach:

COOPANS current ATM System Functionalities include:

  • Automatic Dependent Surveillance – Broadcas (ADS–B)
  • Controller-Pilot Data Link Communications (CPDLC)
  • Short Term Conflict Alert (STCA)
  • Medium Term Conflict Detection (MTCD)
     - Conflict and Risk Detection (CARD)
  • Advanced Arrival Management (AMAN)
  • Free Route Airspace (FRA)
  • Monitoring Tools: 
    - Route Adherence (RAM)
    - Cleared Level (CLAM)
    - Segregated Airspace Probe (SAP)

The COOPANS system is in operation in 7 different ACC’s (Copenhagen, Dublin, Malmo, Shannon, Stockholm, Vienna and Zagreb), proving its capability to operate in multiple complex environments

  • Complex TMA Areas 
  • Large En Route Sectors 
  • Interface with Oceanic Airspace
  • Dynamic Sectorisation 
  • Multiple Runways 
  • Stripless Environments 
  • Remote Towers

COOPANS is planning for the future and to ensure compliance with the ATM Masterplan. Future system functionalities include for COOPANS include:

  • jHMI
  • Virtualised training
  • Harmonised AMAN
  • Cyber Security 
  • Free Route Extension 
  • Time based separation 
  • Flight Object
  • Virtualised Ops

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