A successful completion of EU INEA funded projects

Short content:
The COOPANS alliance are proud to announce, the successful completion of the common COOPANS implementation build projects called B3.3, B3.4, B3.5 and the hardware replacement for the total value of app. 20,0 M euros. 
Long content:

These projects has been funded by the INEA CEF 2015 Funding . The minor changes in scope for e.g. B4.1 which was converted to the B3.5 was in the process endorsed by INEA. 

All these tasks were successfully completed in the early summer of 2020. 

The COOPANS alliance partners are proud, that we have invested into tangible products which enable safe and high quality service and capacity improvements for our airspace users, all though we are sad to acknowledge, that the global aviation business are, due to the actual COVID-19 crisis, in a downsized market request.


Dario Grgurić

COOPANS Director

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